5 Unique Learning Experiences in an English Language Institute Program

At Summer at Sem, we offer an in-depth English Language Institute (ELI) program for international students aged 12-18. Our four-week summer camp is a perfect fit for students looking to study in the United States and improve their language skills in a fun and immersive environment. The English Language Institute is part of Wyoming Seminary, an internationally-recognized college preparatory school located in northeastern Pennsylvania.


However, choosing to enroll in an ELI is a big choice, and you might wonder what the benefits are of the program, and what specifically makes Summer at Sem’s unique and worthwhile?


These are just a few of the unique benefits to an ELI program, and why Summer at Sem goes above and beyond with the offerings.


American Culture


As an international student, learning about the richness of American culture is one of the most interesting topics and adventures especially when growing up and learning about the world. Further, learning about culture can help immensely when learning a language, understanding the customs and traditions can provide valuable context to how a language grows and evolves.


Our ELI program offers some of the best topics in American culture, everything from food, music, clothing, and more. The goal of all this cultural experiential learning is to help students to improve their writing skills in the American classroom. Students write weekly essays in a variety of genres, such as narrative, descriptive, research, and opinion. Students also receive one-to-one writing instruction and work with peers and teachers throughout the writing process to improve their work.


Weekend Trips


Not only does the ELI program immerse our students in the culture and language in the classroom, but we also take trips to experience these places in person.

Our weekend trips are tailored to our curriculum and will add to the experience of learning the English language. The culturally significant destinations such as New York City and Philadelphia provide great insight into United States History and let students practice their language learning skills in real life, not just in the classroom.


University Preparation


We think a lot about the future. One of the most important aspects of that is thinking about a college education. At ELI, we place a lot of importance on the preparation that goes into getting ready for college. This includes specialized classes, learning modules, advanced studying, essay writing, and more.


Online English Language Instruction


We also have specialized programs in online English language courses to ensure that anyone, anywhere can have access to the learning experiences offered by our ELI faculty. For students 12-18, Summer at Sem ELI offers four weeks of online instruction in Academic Writing, Literature, Independent Reading, TOEFL test prep, and one on one teacher conferencing in a virtual classroom setting.

Experiential Travel

One of the best experiences in learning a new language is, of course, becoming immersed in a travel experience that brings everything to life.

Our Experiential Travel Session is one of these moments and does a fantastic job of breathing something new into traditional language learning. We have our students explore the East Coast, and learn about American culture first hand.

The Experiential Travel Session is designed for students looking to extend their stay after the English Language Institute ends. This week-long trip visits cultural landmarks, notable colleges, and universities, and has endless fun while exploring new places. Students wishing to join the Experiential Travel Session must attend the English Language Institute to be eligible.

All these activities and more are in store this summer at Summer at Sem ELI Programs. Discover more about the summer sessions and see what works for you.

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