Residential Life

Residential Life

Summer at Sem is committed to giving all of our campers an authentic boarding school experience. Outside of each program’s daily schedule, campers can relax and enjoy many different types of activities: Cool off in our indoor pool or work up a sweat in one of our two basketball gyms, weight room, or cardio gym; enjoy a quick game of soccer on back campus with new friends; or sign off campus to enjoy some local ice cream. There’s plenty to do on campus and we always have fun and exciting activities planned to keep our boarders busy during evenings and weekends!

Part of what makes Summer at Sem stand apart from other programs is our global footprint. Campers come from all over the world for our English Language Institute, Creative Arts programs, and College Prep Institute. These campers all live in the same dormitories and share meals together encouraging boarders to make friends with campers from many different backgrounds and walks of life. Most campers have one or two roommates from their same program, and we do our best to place campers with roommates of similar ages to ensure healthy social and educational living situations.

Students playing video games in dorm
Girls reading in dorm

Dorm Life

Carpenter Hall

Our all-male dormitory. Located on Sprague Avenue, this dorm is next door to the Kirby Library and across the way from Fleck Dining Hall, the Nurse’s Office, and many other campus buildings.

Darte Hall

A second all-male dormitory. Located on Sprague Avenue, this dorm has direct access to the Fleck Dining Hall and is also home to the Nurse’s Office on the first floor. It is across the way from the Kirby Library and Sprague Hall, and is also next to Back Campus.

Swetland Hall

Our all-female dormitory. Located on the corner of Sprague Avenue, this dormitory has direct access to the Fleck Dining Hall. It is directly across the way from Sprague Hall, the main academic building on campus, and is also next to Nesbitt Hall and Back Campus.

Residential Assistants (RAs) and dorm faculty live alongside campers in all of our dorms to ensure safety and assistance in the dormitories. Our RAs are committed to making the dormitory a fun, safe, and engaging community for all of our campers. All dormitories and campus buildings have wireless internet.

Students in dining hall eating lunch
Students in dining hall eating lunch

Dining Life

Meals are one of the most valuable times for Summer at Sem campers to come together as a community, share their experiences of the day, and relax with friends. Our campers receive healthy and well-balanced meals three times a day. Our dining hall in Fleck Hall provides hot and continental breakfast options each morning and a full brunch spread on weekends. For lunch and dinner, our chefs prepare a variety of cultural dishes with the freshest of ingredients. We also offer a full salad bar, soup station, white rice, build-you-own sandwich bar, and tasty desserts daily!

Our chefs are always hard at work preparing new menus. Vegetarian options are offered daily, and our chefs are prepared to discuss any dietary restrictions or needs with our campers upon their arrival.