Summer Explorations

Week 3



Dates (In Person) June 17, 2024 - June 21, 2024

Half-Day Session $225

Full-Day Session $400

Half-day Session:​ (9:00-12:00 or 1:00-4:00)

Full-day Session:​ (9:00-4:00)

​Week 3 Workshops


​​​Summer Explorations is designed to engage our campers in learning and exploring through summer camp workshops that emphasize hands-on experiences and lots of fun!

Experienced teachers, administrators, and teaching interns provide classroom instruction and supervised activities. The program is held on the beautiful Lower School campus in Forty Fort, Pennsylvania.

Enrolled campers may attend a morning session, an afternoon session, or both. Campers can enroll for one, two, or all three weeks. Summer Explorations is designed to be as flexible as you need for all your summer plans.

Workshop sessions are broken up by age group so campers have the best educational and social experience possible.

Entering Grades Pre-K3 and Pre-K4

Water, Water, Everywhere (Morning only or full day) Margaret McCann
While learning all about ocean life, we will enjoy working with water tables, making crafts, and playing in a backyard outdoor pool and sprinkler!(This age group is available to current Sem Students only)

Entering Grades Kindergarten through Grade 1

Delicious Dish Cooking Class (Morning) Christine Poole
Do your kids enjoy helping you in the kitchen? Do your kids want to explore how to plan, prepare and present a meal? Well we have the class for them!! Spend a full week learning all about the kitchen, the tools of the kitchen, healthy nutritional foods, preparation of some of your kids favorite meals (or soon to be favorite) and much more. No experience required, just a curiosity about the culinary world. We will bake, roast, sauté, knead, mix, and baste our way to food glory!

Holidays Around The World (Morning) Beth Redington
Join us as we take off (virtually) around the world and explore how other children celebrate holidays in different countries. Learn about new customs and traditions, songs and decorations some of which you may want to celebrate with your own families after this week.

How Does Your Garden Grow (Morning) Emily Sims
What happens both above and below ground during the garden season? Together, we will learn all about the plants in our gardens: how they grow, who enjoys them, and why we need more! Campers will plant a garden in our outdoor classroom and start a vegetable garden to take home. Fun crafts and creative snacks will help us learn more about the value of gardens in our communities.

Art Masters (Afternoon) Beth Redington
All week we will explore famous artists and try to honor them by creating our own art in their style. Picasso, Warhol, Van Gogh, Mondrian and Kandinsky are the artists we’ll explore and make our own art inspired by their famous works.

Super Secret Spy/SEM FBI (Afternoon) Emily Sims
This mission–if you choose to accept it–will put you to the test of a real life detective. Together we’ll embark on secret missions, treasure hunts, and search for clues like Sherlock Holmes himself. You’ll create your own secret agent name to stay undercover as we unlock some inner detective abilities and learn the importance of observance.

Entering Grades 2 through Grade 4

Disney Dreamers (Morning) Alison Duda
Discover the magic of Disney and learn about the history through the 100 years of Disney. Fun activities and character projects for Disney fans. Wish upon a star and virtually enjoy the rides of the various Disney parks. “If you can dream it you can do it.”

Time Travelers (Morning) Susan Barnes
Get ready for a trip through the ages! This week we will travel around the world and explore the Middle Ages, Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, and Colonial America! Each day, campers will be off to a new time period while engaging in themed activities such as making homemade catapults and making papyrus. Come join us as we have a blast through time!

Movin’ and Groovin’ (Afternoon) Sydney Kraynack
Contemporary, Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, & Tap! Gain exposure to the basics of each dance form. Participate in fun stretching exercises and learn basic dance techniques. At the end of the week each camper will showcase the dance they like best in a series of dance themed games.

Basketball Camp (Afternoon) Ed Plaksa
An engaging basketball program with a focus on character development. Our Summer basketball program positively influences children’s lives on and off the court. This camp offers skills training, fun games that reinforce newly acquired skills, imaginative play, and scrimmages.

Entering Grades 5 through Grade 8

Climate Science and Sustainability-Water Works(FULL DAY CAMP) Michael McGlinn
The Climate Science and Sustainability program is excited to offer a Summer Camp focused water in our local community. Wyoming Seminary is located in the second oldest watershed in the entire country; the Susquehanna even predates the majority of species of Dinosaurs! It also plays a vital role in our local economy and influences the health of our community as well as the ecosystem at-large. Campers will actively participate in a variety of engaging activities surrounding this topic which will enhance their knowledge in the topic. In fun and experiential ways, students will learn about ecosystems, water quality, and the overall importance water plays. We will travel for regular local field trips such as creek walks, visiting mine-reclamation sites, and hiking to a variety of our local natural treasures unique to the area. Additionally campers will have lab activities, complete a nature journal, and have time to be outside as conditions permit! Please note there is an additional $120 fee for field trips and lab supplies charged per camper.

Basketball (Morning) Ed Plaska
An engaging basketball program with a focus on character development. Our Summer basketball program positively influences children’s lives on and off the court. This camp offers skills training, fun games that reinforce newly acquired skills, imaginative play, and scrimmages.

Glow with the Flow (Afternoon) Alison Duda
Chemiluminescence is the chemical reactions that cause things to glow. When a living thing glows, it is referred to as bioluminescence. Discover the creatures that glow and learn the science behind the glow. Glow with the flow and have a great time with hands-on activities and lessons involving bioluminescence.