Wellness & Safety

Wellness & Safety

The Upper School Health Services suite is located on the first floor of Darte Hall, located between Fleck Dining Hall and the Bell Tower. Our Lower School Nurse’s Office is staffed throughout those program offerings.

The Director of Health Services monitors all student health needs and is available during routine business hours as well as for on-call care as needed.

Summer at Sem encourages our students to live healthy lifestyles while on campus. Our faculty and staff promote and model positive attitudes and behaviors for a lifelong commitment to wellness and actively work with our students to encourage similar lifestyles.

Health services building
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Campus Safety

To ensure the safety and security of students, faculty, and staff, Summer at Sem provides security presence from all on-campus activities and events. Unauthorized persons are not permitted in school buildings without expressed permission from the school. Safety is of paramount importance at Wyoming Seminary. To ensure safety and security, all authorized personnel and students have FOB access to all buildings deemed necessary. Resident Advisors live alongside our boarding students to assist in any needs while living in the dorms.