Summer Explorations

Week 2



Dates (In Person) June 10, 2024 - June 14, 2024

Half-Day Session $225

Full-Day Session $400

Half-day Session:​ (9:00-12:00 or 1:00-4:00)

Full-day Session: (9:00-4:00)​

​Week 2 Workshops



Summer Explorations is designed to engage our campers in learning and exploring through summer camp workshops that emphasize hands-on experiences and lots of fun!

Experienced teachers, administrators, and teaching interns provide classroom instruction and supervised activities. The program is held on the beautiful Lower School campus in Forty Fort, Pennsylvania.

Enrolled campers may attend a morning session, an afternoon session, or both. Campers can enroll for one, two, or all three weeks. Summer Explorations is designed to be as flexible as you need for all your summer plans.

Workshop sessions are broken up by age group so campers have the best educational and social experience possible.


Entering Grades Pre-K3 and Pre-K4

Creative Art (Morning only or full day) Margaret McCann
This fun-filled camp will provide the children with opportunities for hands-on experiences with different art supplies and techniques for creating original artwork. They will have freedom to explore and practice their fine motor and listening skills. (This age group is available to current Sem Students only)

Entering Grades Kindergarten through Grade 1

Chemistry for Kids (Morning) Christine Poole
We will be exploring chemistry through safe, age appropriate, hands on experiments in this exploration. During our exciting week, we will bake, concoct, transform ingredients, and get messy, all while learning about how chemistry is a part of our daily lives. Cookies, tee shirts, slime and exploding volcanoes are just a few of the fun activities that await your budding scientist!

Ahoy Mateys (Morning) Beth Redington
Cast off on a pirate adventure this week! Talk like a pirate, dress like a pirate, find clues and follow a map to a possible hidden treasure. By the end of the week your camper will be a full fledged pirate ready to explore the 7 seas!

Sport A Day (Morning) Ed Plaksa
Try a new sport each day! There will be lots of time for practice as well as time to play. Give it a try, see what sport you like best.

SEM CSI JR (Afternoon) Beth Redington
Our young investigators will learn all about fingerprints, hair samples, foot prints and more as they begin their training to become junior crime scene investigators.

Once Upon a Time (Afternoon) Emily Sims
Come experience the magic of Fairy Tales! Enjoy a wide range of interactive activities in the world of princesses, knights, ogres, and dragons. We will build and create, retell and enjoy classic and global fairy tales. An enchanting time will be had by all!

Entering Grades 2 through Grade 4

Lacrosse Camp (Morning) Paul Burg
An engaging lacrosse program with a focus on character development. Our Summer lacrosse program positively influences children’s lives on and off the field. This camp offers skills training, fun games that reinforce newly acquired skills, imaginative play, and scrimmages.

Summer Spy School (Morning) Sue Barnes
Grab your magnifying glass and best spy attire. This week we will check out the world of detection and spy gear. We will decipher codes, leave secret messages, and learn different and expert spy skills, like the art of disguise.

Wilderness Survival (Morning) Kate Mercado
Calling all camping and hiking enthusiasts – let’s learn how to prepare for outdoor adventures! We will hone our map skills and create orienteering activities while learning how to safely enjoy activities off the grid. Campers will explore basic outdoor equipment and its use to demonstrate emergency preparedness, campsite selection and shelter construction.

LEGO Stop Motion Movies (Afternoon) Jason Sherry
Create the characters, props, script, and shoot! Use stop-motion animation and iMovie to create movie magic!

Sport A Day (Afternoon) Ed Plaska
Try a new sport each day! There will be lots of time for practice as well as time to play. Give it a try, see what sport you like best.

Entering Grades 5 through Grade 8

MS Mock Trial (FULL DAY CAMP) Peter Froehlich
Students interested in learning more about the legal system and legal professions or looking to further develop skills in analytical thinking, writing, and public speaking, will enjoy this all-day, week-long introduction to mock trial. Campers will learn mock trial fundamentals and participate in a full mock trial at the end of the week. The camp leader is Peter Froehlich, our Upper School district champion mock trial team coach!

LEGO Stop Motion Movies (Morning) Jason Sherry
Create the characters, props, script, and shoot! Use stop-motion animation and iMovie to create movie magic!

Photography: With Our Eyes Open (Morning) Jamie Smith
Learn to look, see, and think like a photographer in a collaborative environment. Led by Photographer Jamie Smith, this exploration features creative exercises, hands-on shooting activities, interactive camera, and computer instruction, plus challenging group critiques of everyone’s images. No prior experience is necessary. All equipment and materials provided.

Clay Jewelry Making (Afternoon) Kate Mercado
Students will explore basic beadwork techniques and patterns in a variety of clay based mediums. A new project and pattern will be introduced each day and students will have the opportunity to create beaded jewelry, sculpture and embroidery. Class discussions will center on modern beadwork with an overview of contemporary artists.

Boys Lacrosse Camp (Afternoon) Paul Burg
This workshop is open to experienced players looking to improve individual skills and lacrosse IQ. The camp will focus on individual skills (passing, catching, shooting) along with teamwork and strategies. Recommended equipment: boys lacrosse stick, helmet, shoulder pads, rib pads, gloves, elbow pads, athletic supporter with cup and mouth guard.