Summer Explorations

Week 2


3 through Grade 8

Dates June 15, 2020 - June 19, 2020

Half-day Session:​ (9:00-12:00 or 1:00-4:00) $185 per week

Full-day Session: (9:00-4:00)​ $325 per week

​Week 2 Workshops


05/01/2020 UPDATE:

Summer at Sem has made the decision to move all programming online for the 2020 season. View our Online Summer Explorations Workshops here!

​​​Summer Explorations is designed to engage our campers in learning and exploring through summer camp workshops that emphasize hands-on experiences and lots of fun!

Experienced teachers, administrators, and teaching interns provide classroom instruction and supervised activities. The program is held on the beautiful Lower School campus in Forty Fort, Pennsylvania.

Enrolled campers may attend a morning session, an afternoon session, or both. Campers can enroll for one, two, or all three weeks. Summer Explorations is designed to be as flexible as you need for all your summer plans.

Workshop sessions are broken up by age group so campers have the best educational and social experience possible.

Check out our 2020 Workshops with our virtual lookbook!

2020 Workshops

Pre-S & Pre-K

All About Books with Margaret McCann | (AM)

Following a different author each day of the week, we will read several books by each author and do a relating daily craft. Students will also act out the storylines while portraying the books’ characters.

Kindergarten-Grade 1

The Young Writers Guild with Lois Feibus | (AM)

Calling all amazing illustrators and authors to explore age-appropriate and ability-appropriate games and activities in Emergent Writing and Reading with Mrs. Feibus. Discover just how much fun writing and reading can be as you use your skills and learn new ones to help you write and illustrate your own original books about all kinds of things. Write books, create beautiful illustrations, be a guest reader, share what you write, play literacy games with your friends.

Chemistry with Kids with Christine Poole | (AM)

We will be exploring chemistry through safe, age-appropriate, and hands-on experiments in this class. During our exciting week, we will bake, concoct, transform ingredients, and get messy—all while learning about how chemistry is part of our daily lives. Cookies, T-shirts, slime, and exploding volcanoes are just a few of the fun activities that await your budding scientist! Students learn about different animals, do crafts, and play games. Everyone is welcome to bring in their own stuffed furry friends!

Celebrations Around the Globe with Sue Barnes | (AM)

Each day is a celebration this week. Learn about how different cultures celebrate around the world and enjoy music and dancing from these exciting festivities! Create your own dragon dancer, decorative lanterns, color dust, Mardi Gras masks, sugar skulls, and more! Let’s celebrate!

Kicking It Old School with Kayanne Barilla | (PM)

Think the games your mom and dad used to play were boring? No way! Come and explore indoor and outdoor games like Red Rover, marbles, string games, telephone, hide and seek, and more. It’s all about the game!

Kid-lympics with Meredith Shafer | (PM)

Go for the gold as you compete in friendly competitions. We will play sports, games, and compete in Minute to Win It challenges. We will even be making out own medals to wear during the closing ceremonies!

Grades 2-4

Mischievous Math with Kris McCarthy | (AM)

Have you ever noticed that math is everywhere? Come and strengthen your math skills as we play games, solve puzzles, learn about money, measure ingredients, and plan our very own lemonade stand!

Hikes and Natural Wonders with Barbara Rogers | (AM)

Nature abounds in our local woodlands! Come take a look at the wonderful variety of plant life, geological formations, and magnificent views our environment has to offer. The natural beauty of northeast Pennsylvania will not disappoint us!

Lego Stop Motion Movies with Jason Sherry | (PM)

Create the characters, props, and script before shooting your film. Use stop-motion animation and iMovie to create movie magic!

Grades 5-8

Lego Stop Motion Movies with Jason Sherry | (AM)

Create the characters, props, and script before shooting your film. Use stop-motion animation and iMovie to create movie magic!

Dive Into Chemistry with Lisa Iskra | (AM)

This workshop will explore the fascinating chemical and physical properties of water through various hands-on activities.

Intro to Metalsmithing and Beadwork with Kate Mercado | (PM)

In this workshop, middle school campers will explore metalsmithing techniques and traditional beadwork designs. Principles of craftsmanship and studio safety will be emphasized as campers learn metal fabrication skills, including: piercing, surface embellishment, wire forming, riveting, filing, and rough finishing. Beadwork techniques, including loom weaving, stringing, bead embroidery, and crochet will be explored and incorporated to create artwork that reflects students’ personal interests.

Boys Lacrosse

Boys Lacrosse — Intermediate with Paul Berg | (AM)

This workshop is open to any boys interested in learning about the sport of lacrosse, or experienced players looking to improve his individual skills and lacrosse IQ. The camp will focus on individual skills (passing, catching, shooting) along with teamwork and strategies. Each session will include individual skill work, team play, and games.

Recommended equipment: boys lacrosse stick, helmet, shoulder pads, rib pads, gloves, elbow pads, athletic supporter with cup and mouth guard.

For students entering grades 6-8.

Boys Lacrosse — Beginner with Paul Berg | (PM)

This workshop will focus on the beginner lacrosse player. The camp will focus on passing, catching, shooting, and defense. Each session will include individual skill work, team play, and games. Each camper should bring his own equipment, though some equipment is available.

Recommended equipment: Boys lacrosse stick, helmet, shoulder pads, rib pads, gloves, elbow pads, and mouth guard.

For students entering grades 3-5.

Director of Summer Explorations

Meet Our Director

John Eidam

John R. Eidam, Jr. is a 1990 graduate of Wyoming Seminary. A member of the full-year faculty since 2010, John currently serves as Director of the Louis Maslow STEM School and teaches fifth-grade science. Also, as part of the Summer at Sem programs, John serves as program director for Summer Explorations on the Lower School campus and coordinates the English Language Institute Summer STEM program.

As STEM director, John strives to inspire STEM thinking, creativity, and innovation through dynamic learning experiences. Dedicated to integrating STEM into the arts and humanities, he is an advocate for helping students develop the right skills to become critical thinkers and problem solvers through interdisciplinary opportunities. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with family, carpentry, and serving the community as a volunteer firefighter.