Modern / Contemporary Dance



Dates July 26, 2020 - August 8, 2020

$975 for day students

$2,600 for residential students

Modern/Contemporary Dance


05/01/2020 UPDATE:

Summer at Sem has made the decision to move all programming online for the 2020 season. View our Online Dance session here!

The Modern/Contemporary session will cover a wide range of dance styles including improvisation and dancers choreographic compositions.

Our dance program is led by a faculty of professional dancers and choreographers. The curriculum allows dancers to refine their technique and increase stamina. Masterclasses are offered by guest performers who emphasize artistic experience. Both sessions offer a closing performance with dancers, guest artists, and faculty.

It's much like a professional dance company where you have a very long day, and you learn routines very quickly, and you have to put on a show in two weeks. I wanted to get a feel of how a professional company would be.

Alyssa S. (Dancer, 2018-19)

Dance Auditions


  • Please submit a photograph of yourself demonstrating first arabesque and/or tendu a la second.
  • In addition to your audition photo, dance applicants must also submit a completed online application.


  • Use the best available visual devices possible.
  • Naming your Audition Photo Submission:
    • Dance Audition: Full Name, Date
    • Dance Audition: Taylor Smith, 01/02/2019

Submitting your Audition

Photos can be submitted as an attachment to: