Online Dance



Dates: July 13, 2020 - July 24, 2020

$500 per 2-week session



The Summer at Sem Dance Program is excited to offer a rigorous, high-energy, and fun program for the summer of 2020. In this two-week dance intensive, we will bring the energy, creativity, and personal attention that dancers come to expect from our on-campus dance program.  Every day will begin with a technique class followed by pointe, variations, or choreography.

What we offer:

  • >  2-week combined dance intensive in ballet and contemporary
  • >  Classes in ballet, pointe, variations, modern, jazz, and improvisation
  • >  Daily class sessions Monday through Friday from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
  • >  Individual one-on-one instruction and correction
  • >  Final performance showcasing dancers’ efforts and achievements

They’re here, they want to learn; I have to produce something every single day. I have to teach them something every single day. It’s strenuous, it’s exhausting, but it’s fun; and it’s one of the highlights of my year every year.

​Tim Early, Director of Dance

What you need:  

Some dancers may have experience with virtual dance instruction, and some may be new to this style entirely. Our Director of Dance, Tim Early, can say with confidence that he has been at it for some time now and believes that with a little planning you can make it a really fun experience.

Here are his tips on what you need for a successful virtual dance intensive:

  • A dedicated dance space – Find a location that you can make your dance space. Like school, having a place dedicated to focusing on the material with as few distractions as possible will be more productive.
    • Make sure you have adequate room to move around in
    • Make sure you have a surface you can dance on safely.
      Different styles of dance will work on different surfaces.
      > Hardwood, carpet, or tile can work for ballet, modern, or jazz
      > A surface with traction will be best for pointe
  • A stable internet connection
    • Laptops, desktops, or tablets work best—avoid using phones if possible. A larger screen allows you a better view of the teacher and fellow students.
    • Camera location/angle is important, too. It should allow your teacher to see a full-body view which helps with our one-on-one personal attention and correction.
  • For ballet: A barre or something similar in height (around 40” or so). Chairs are often too short, especially when you’re on demi pointe or doing pointe work at the barre. Some barstools may be acceptable.