4 Unexpected Benefits of Summer Academics

With the new school year rapidly approaching, many families are looking at ways they can get ready and prepare for the year ahead. There are many approaches for a productive summer, especially with adjusting to the possibility of online learning becoming a larger part of how middle schoolers and high schoolers will get their education.

Summer is an opportunity to take advantage of academic opportunities that can help prepare students for the upcoming year in ways that might surprise you. In addition to the material itself, there are a wealth of other opportunities that make summer academic programs a valuable asset for students.

Here are just a few of the reasons that summer academic programs are a great choice for students looking to get a leg up on the new year.

1: Learning from New Role Models

Throughout school, all students are exposed to great role models as they learn new topics and find new ways to approach challenges. One of the key things that makes learning so impactful is that learning in a new environment with new people opens up doors to new ideas and mindsets.

Summer academics offer the same benefit. Summer programs will have new role models and settings to allow students to approach challenges in new ways. Learning with new teachers and with new peers creates new mindsets, and higher chances of future success.

2: A New World of Activities

One of the best things about summer academics is that the setting allows for new activities not normally experienced during the regular school year. Summer programs expand into new lesson plans, new assignments, and new group projects that can push the boundaries of traditional lesson plans.

Summer programs can do this because of smaller class sizes and more opportunities for dedicated instruction. We find that students love discovering the new projects on offer, and find the experience of working in new ways extremely fulfilling for future school work.

3: New Academic Interests

When students have the opportunity to see their academics in a new way, with new teachers and new peers, they often find a passion for subjects they might not have otherwise explored. Sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery and a change in assignments to unlock an interest in new topics.

4: Keeping Learning Going through Summer

Above all, one of the best benefits of summer academics is a chance to keep the learning of school going through summer and keeping students engaged in the learning process.

Oftentimes during the summer, students can find that the lack of structure and activities means a lull in interest, and a drop in energy for academics. There’s nothing better than seeing students follow through with learning and the academics process and seeing the benefits as school gets into gear.

If you found these tips helpful and would like to explore more about Summer at SEM, contact us today to learn more!